New Slim Chance Frameset

When the first Slim Chance arrived on the scene in 1991 I was still working in bike shops. It was one of the first “production” tig welded steel frames on the market, and I loved the no-nonsense approach. Back then I preferred the more laid back Eddy Merckx Century geometry, so I didn’t get one for myself (I did sell one to a buddy, who still has it). But as I’ve gotten older, my position has moved forward a bit. So now that there is a NEW Slim Chance, designed by Chris and built by the folks at Stinner Frameworks, I’m pretty pumped. The fit/geo on the Medium looks just right to me. I’m waiting to see the matching Yo Road Fork, which they will reveal in a few weeks. But this frame is definitely on my short list! More info at Fat Chance!


Montenegro Manufacturing NAHBS 2016

While going back through my pics from the show, I was trying to figure out who this was cause the logo on the downtube is not very clear. Luckily Bike Rumor published this excellent interview with Hernan Montenegro today so the mystery was solved. Hernan does these carbon frames in Los Angeles and you can learn more on his website.