New Slim Chance Frameset

When the first Slim Chance arrived on the scene in 1991 I was still working in bike shops. It was one of the first “production” tig welded steel frames on the market, and I loved the no-nonsense approach. Back then I preferred the more laid back Eddy Merckx Century geometry, so I didn’t get one for myself (I did sell one to a buddy, who still has it). But as I’ve gotten older, my position has moved forward a bit. So now that there is a NEW Slim Chance, designed by Chris and built by the folks at Stinner Frameworks, I’m pretty pumped. The fit/geo on the Medium looks just right to me. I’m waiting to see the matching Yo Road Fork, which they will reveal in a few weeks. But this frame is definitely on my short list! More info at Fat Chance!