Power Tool Drag Races

April 17, 2019 Dave McLaughlin 0

1970’s Schwinn Krate prepared for the Power Tool Drag Races. Yes, Power Tool Drag Races where the only rule was that power source originated from a “hand operated” power tool, in this case a 125cc Husqvarna chainsaw motor. After suffering defeat to @broncobrawler in a photo finish the year this […]

Steve “Gravy” Gravenites

April 11, 2019 Dave McLaughlin 0

When you go to the Sea Otter Classic with a bag of stickers, you always try to get them onto the toolboxes of legendary mechanics. Mission accomplished. In this case it’s Steve “Gravy” Gravenites. Gravy has been a fixture on the pro mountain bike scene for literally as long as […]

1985 NORBA Nationals

April 5, 2019 Dave McLaughlin 0

Thanks to Dean Bradley we bring you this shot from the start line of the 1985 NORBA Nationals, held in a burnt out field in Santa Barbara, CA. As you can see, all the big stars are in attendance on their cutting edge equipment. As was par for the course […]

Ritchey Road Team

April 3, 2019 Dave McLaughlin 0

Staying with the Ritchey theme this week, it’s a little known fact that Ritchey was very involved in the U.S. road scene in the early ‘90’s, and had a bad-ass road team, as well as sponsoring a couple others (more on those soon). That’s right, 10-speed racers. This one came […]

Pink Specialized Stumpjumper

Pink Stumpjumper

March 26, 2019 Dave McLaughlin 1

This shot is from the Gant Challenge race in Chicago’s Lincoln Park back in 1984. The bike pictured is the first Team (pink) Stumpjumper ever built. It was custom made for me by Jim Merz with Tange tubing and raced with 26×1.75” tires. When I joined Specialized/Team Stumpjumper, the bikes […]

NAHBS 2019

February 15, 2019 Rob 0

We will be in Sacramento next month and will post a ton of pics. Stay tuned!

Why Not Made in USA?

November 4, 2017 Rob 0

I just read a pretty interesting post on this topic over at Off The Beaten Path. Things get interesting (and a bit heated) in the comments section. I’m a huge fan of Compass tires (made by Panaracer in Japan) and definitely appreciate what those guys are doing. Anyway, the article is definitely […]