Specialized Water Bottles

Specialized doesn’t make a whole lot in the United States anymore, but they still make their water bottles here! In California! Since 1976! I’ve probably had just about every version over the years–they are great and always getting better. So get one with your favorite domestic brand printed on the side! (Whenever I’m back home visiting my folks I drop into my old shop Palo Alto Bicycles and pick up a couple bottles.)


Bondhus Allen Wrenches

You can definitely spend more (or less) on allens, but you won’t do better than Bondhus Balldriver® L-wrenches. I’ve been using them for thirty years and they are pretty much the standard as far as I’m concerned. And they are proudly made in the USA! From the Bondhus About Us page:

Bondhus Corporation is located in Monticello, Minnesota – USA; about 40 minutes from Minneapolis. Bondhus employees are proud of our Company and the tools we make. Our Ball, Hex, and TORX® tools are made in our Monticello manufacturing facility, just across the street from the Mighty Mississippi River.

The set of nine (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10mm) on the left is available at Amazon.


Tallac Kargo Cage

Tallac is a cool little company based in San Diego, California which specializes in frame-mounted carrying systems and locks. Company founder Allen Young tells me that their Behold is 100% made in the USA–the bags are made in Orange County and the wire cages are from Chicago. My favorite product is the Kargo Cage, a very elegant solution which is made by Ron Andrews at King Cage. You can order the Kargo Cage from Amazon or from King.


Phil Wood Hand Cleaner

This is my favorite hand cleaner. It doesn’t totally trash your hands with chemicals like some of the more commercial stuff. It claims to be “100% natural and biodegradable”–Rivendell says it’s made out of wood pulp. Someone told me that Phil Wood simply repackages a product that is available for a lot less, but I haven’t found it–if someone does, let me know. Anyway, made in the USA!


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Light and Motion Urban 350

Light and Motion makes all of their products in Marina, California. I’ve been using one of their Urban 350 lights on my bikes for the past two years and love it. It’s amazing that this little guy packs more punch than my old NiteRiders and Night Suns, all for $60. I especially like the little amber lights on the sides–seems to help a lot at intersections.

Read Light and Motion’s awesome article: Why We Manufacture in the USA


King Stainless Steel Bottle Cages

Without a doubt the best water bottle cages money can buy are made in Durango, Colorado by Ron Andrews of King Cage. He started building bottle cages out of titanium back in 1991 while working for One Off Titanium. He introduced the stainless steel cages in 1996 and I run them on most of my bikes (pictured on my Ritchey and Soulcraft in the pics below). Get a King cage next time you need bottle cages–they are $18 for stainless and $60 if you want to splurge for ti–shipped right from Ron’s garage, where he welds about 100 per day. They look great, won’t mark up your bottles and they last forever.


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