New Slim Chance Frameset

When the first Slim Chance arrived on the scene in 1991 I was still working in bike shops. It was one of the first “production” tig welded steel frames on the market, and I loved the no-nonsense approach. Back then I preferred the more laid back Eddy Merckx Century geometry, so I didn’t get one for myself (I did sell one to a buddy, who still has it). But as I’ve gotten older, my position has moved forward a bit. So now that there is a NEW Slim Chance, designed by Chris and built by the folks at Stinner Frameworks, I’m pretty pumped. The fit/geo on the Medium looks just right to me. I’m waiting to see the matching Yo Road Fork, which they will reveal in a few weeks. But this frame is definitely on my short list! More info at Fat Chance!


Kirk Frameworks Onesto

David Kirk just posted this beautiful stainless steel frame on his Facebook page.

I love working with stainless steel for the same reason I fear it…..there is no place to hide and every moment I spent fabricating the frameset will show in the end. It highlights the real work and it is what it is. It’s ‘honest’ for a lack of a better term. This is why this version of the JKS is known as the “Onesto”, or “honest” in Italian.

The pics are amazing. More after the jump!


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LeMond Washoe

A few days ago I posted about the new Masi Legacy Grand Criterium. Well here’s another American-made frame at the same price point with a legendary name and a painted-to-match Enve fork: the LeMond Washoe. This is Greg’s first offering since he parted ways with Trek and it looks pretty cool. The Reynolds 853 frames are built by Zen Bicycle Fabrication in Portland, Oregon and then painted at the LeMond facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I dig it.


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Masi Legacy Gran Criterium

Masi? American? Well yes, Faliero Masi set up shop in California back in the early 70s and built frames here through the 80s. The company has changed hands a few times, and most of the bikes you see produced now with the Masi name are made in Asia. But the this new Masi Legacy Gran Criterium is made in California, and comes painted by by Jim Allen, who painted many of those original California frames back in the day. It also comes with a Chris King headset (Portland, Oregon) and a painted-to-match Enve fork (Ogden, Utah). And we dig it. Price is $2,399 and they are only making 100, so if you want one you better act fast. Video after the jump.


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All American Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel

I was looking for an all-American, red, white and blue bike for the header image for this blog. I don’t think I could do much better than this awesome Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel featured over at NYC Velo. Looks great with the red Chris King headset and red White Industries hubs! I’ll get a better pic for the blog header at NAHBS next month, but for now this will do!


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