Ask a Founder: a Talk with Keith Bontrager

These “Ask a Founder” videos by Bike Magazine run a bit long, but this one with Keith Bontrager is definitely worth watching if you have the time. There is some great stuff about dumpster diving, his motorcross background, Paul Turner, how the industry moved from a craftsmanship to engineering focus, the original V-brakes, the Trek acquisition, his current role at Trek, his respect for Shimano, his favorite cooking gadget, making beer, etc. etc. Watch!

Masi Legacy Gran Criterium

Masi? American? Well yes, Faliero Masi set up shop in California back in the early 70s and built frames here through the 80s. The company has changed hands a few times, and most of the bikes you see produced now with the Masi name are made in Asia. But the this new Masi Legacy Gran Criterium is made in California, and comes painted by by Jim Allen, who painted many of those original California frames back in the day. It also comes with a Chris King headset (Portland, Oregon) and a painted-to-match Enve fork (Ogden, Utah). And we dig it. Price is $2,399 and they are only making 100, so if you want one you better act fast. Video after the jump.


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