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1977 Breezer, Series-1

January 29, 2016 Rob 0

$750 complete in 1978! Check out the great video after the jump! (Is Joe Breeze the coolest guy or what?) Via Pinkbike

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Keyesville Classic Vintage MTB Stage Race

January 25, 2016 Rob 1

The Keyesville Classic is in its 28th year this year. As part of the fun, they have a “vintage” category, where you can bring your old school Ritchey, WTB, Salsa, Cunningham, Yeti or whatever and have fun! Annual Vintage MTB gathering. Three days of vintage mtb riding and “racing”. We have our […]

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Ask a Founder: a Talk with Keith Bontrager

January 22, 2016 Rob 1

These “Ask a Founder” videos by Bike Magazine run a bit long, but this one with Keith Bontrager is definitely worth watching if you have the time. There is some great stuff about dumpster diving, his motorcross background, Paul Turner, how the industry moved from a craftsmanship to engineering focus, the original […]

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Albert Eisentraut

September 5, 2011 Rob 1

I snagged this pic of Albert from this site, which hosts an article on Albert Eisentraut from an 80s issue of Bicycle Guide. Eisentraut is generally considered to be the father of all modern American framebuilders.

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August 25, 2011 Rob 0

This is Jacquie Phelan’s Cunningham (named “Otto”) which she raced professionally for more than nine seasons. The photo below is featured in The Competition Bicycle. You can read more about this and other legendary Cunningham bikes at

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Mongoose Supergoose

August 24, 2011 Rob 0

This is what started it all for me: the Mongoose Supergoose. This isn’t my bike (it was posted over at BMX Museum), but I had one that was very similar. Now I’d really like to get a Kos Kruiser…

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Andy Hampsten’s Huffy

August 23, 2011 Rob 0

Serotta built most of the “Huffy” bikes for 7-11 in 1988, but after Andy’s frame broke at Fleche-Wallone, he had John Slawta build him a new one. So Hampsten won the Giro d’Italia on a Land Shark. More pics and details at

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Pauls Rear Derailleur

August 19, 2011 Rob 0

Remember these? They were introduced in 1995 for close to $300. As Paul Price says in this interview with Dirt Rag, the derailleurs helped put him on the map, but they almost sank his company. Then XTR came along, demand dropped off, and Paul turned his focus to the growing […]

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Ritchey Commando

August 18, 2011 Rob 0

This is probably my favorite Ritchey and one of my favorites mtbs of all time. I used to sell them at Palo Alto Bicycles back in the mid-80s. Just so cool… I stole the pic from socketsetcycles. You can find more pics of these rare machines at and another […]