Keyesville Classic Vintage MTB Stage Race

The Keyesville Classic is in its 28th year this year. As part of the fun, they have a “vintage” category, where you can bring your old school Ritchey, WTB, Salsa, Cunningham, Yeti or whatever and have fun!

Annual Vintage MTB gathering. Three days of vintage mtb riding and “racing”. We have our own vintage class where we can ride our classic mountain bikes in the Short Track, Downhill (Super D), and Cross Country. Dozens of beautiful vintage mtb’s on hand to pine over. Casual atmosphere, great food and camping, lots of dorking out on old bikes.

More details on the vintage racing and shows on the group’s Facebook event page.


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Ask a Founder: a Talk with Keith Bontrager

These “Ask a Founder” videos by Bike Magazine run a bit long, but this one with Keith Bontrager is definitely worth watching if you have the time. There is some great stuff about dumpster diving, his motorcross background, Paul Turner, how the industry moved from a craftsmanship to engineering focus, the original V-brakes, the Trek acquisition, his current role at Trek, his respect for Shimano, his favorite cooking gadget, making beer, etc. etc. Watch!

Albert Eisentraut

I met Albert Eisentraut once in the mid-80s while working at Palo Alto Bicycles. The shop had commissioned him to do a run of Palo Alto branded frames after the relationship with our Italian supplier had soured (or maybe the exchange rate was no longer working in our favor), and Albert was dropping several frames off. Eisentraut’s frames were stunning. I think he built a run of about 20, total. It took too long and they cost too much so it wasn’t repeated. I wonder where they are now, or if their owners even know what they have. I snagged this pic of Albert from this site, which hosts an article on Albert Eisentraut from an 80s issue of Bicycle Guide. Eisentraut is generally considered to be the father of all modern American framebuilders.

Albert Eisentraut